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Metal Braces are the most common and popular fixed orthodontic option. Traditional braces consist of stainless steel brackets attached to each tooth and archwires that connect each bracket. These components help deliver constant gentle force on the teeth to move them into the desired and planned positions. In some cases, elastic colour chains will be used to close spaces and tighten the teeth contact points. There is no reason to be put off by metal braces as modern brackets are smaller, less uncomfortable and less noticeable than the old-school braces. 

At OrthoBoutique, we are using self-ligating brackets that have small active clips acting as gates to hold the wires in place. The advantage of these brackets is that they reduce the need to change elastic ties, so patients with metal braces do not have to come in for adjustment visits too often (unlike the old bracket type, which requires changing of elastic ties every four weeks). The initial orthodontic wires have a special memory shape effect for a gradual, smooth alignment of teeth and fixing of crooked smiles. With these metal braces, we can accomplish the final outcome with shorter treatment times and fewer appointments.

Metal Braces Sydney

“Suitable for both Children and Adults: Get Exceptional Patient Support With Your Braces in Sydney”

Signs That You May Need Dental Braces in Sydney

How do you know whether you – or your child – need BRACES

The following indicators may assist in your decision:

  • Crowded or crooked teeth: This is the cause of an unaesthetic smile and can further cause difficulties when eating, brushing and flossing. Dental braces can certainly address this issue by aligning upper and lower dentition.
  • Impacted teeth: Canine and molar teeth can sometimes be impacted under the jaw bone and do not erupt naturally. Teeth braces can assist in bringing these impacted teeth into the mouth after a surgical exposure is performed by an oral surgeon.
  • Deep overbite: A huge up-down overlap between the upper and lower front teeth can cause excessive wear on the lower incisal teeth and damage the soft tissue of the palate and gums. The rigidity of metal wires in conventional metal braces is ideal for correcting this overbite issue.
  • Open bite: This is a scenario where the upper and lower front teeth are situated far apart, making it impossible for them to touch or use your front teeth to cut big pieces of food.
  • Narrow upper jaw and posterior crossbite: This can be both aesthetic and functional problems. Utilising expanded metal archwires on metal braces, with or without a dental expander on top of dental braces will aid in the expansion.
  • Spacing: By attaching braces on your teeth, together with colourful or plain elastic chains, spaces can be easily closed during your orthodontic journey.
  • Malocclusion or bite problems (overjet and underbite): These can stem from dental or skeletal problems. Complete examination and diagnosis from a specialist orthodontist is strongly recommended to identify the cause and select the most appropriate orthodontic treatment option, ranging from traditional metal braces with elastics, tooth extraction, to complex dental braces that can incorporate jaw surgery.

Starting the Orthodontic Journey with Teeth Braces at OrthoBoutique

Modern brackets are less noticeable, not as uncomfortable, and smaller than those used in the old days. The elastic ties do not need to be changed or adjusted nearly as often with our self-litigating brackets, and thus, you will require fewer appointments and shorter treatment time. As a specialist orthodontist, Dr Tee focuses not only on the alignment of your teeth but also on the positioning of the jawbones that affect the appearance of your jaw and face. He identifies orthopaedic and orthodontic problems early on and uses methods and interventions to correct the concerns children present with, preventing further problems as they grow older. We effectively treat growing children with jaw size discrepancies, bite issues, and early signs of teeth malalignment. Early orthodontic care may abolish the need for future teeth extractions or jaw surgery.

Why Choose OrthoBoutique for Your Metal Braces Treatment in Sydney?

Beyond helping you to achieve a spectacular smile and healthier dentition and occlusion; we pride ourselves on providing exceptional patient/customer service and support, including:

  • Affordable pricing and flexible payment plans: We are here to help you with every process of your orthodontic treatment for a simple, affordable, satisfying smile makeover. As such, we provide transparent quotes before any treatment commences, so you understand the investment involved. We also offer low initial deposit, flexible, interest-free payment solutions to suit your budget.
  • Individualised attention: Although we are a boutique practice with a small, dedicated team, we provide you with high quality, individualised orthodontic care. Our principal orthodontist personally checks your progress and make adjustments at every appointment. This central point of evaluation and care ensures consistent progress and speedy, successful orthodontic outcomes.
  • Friendly and supportive team: Embarking on an orthodontic treatment journey requires long-term commitment and a substantial time investment. This can sometimes be stressful. However, we want you or your child to feel comfortable and relaxed, so our team of warm and welcoming professionals will make you feel right at home. “We think of you as part of our family, so you can trust us with your smile, comfort, and budget.”
  • Specialist orthodontist: Dr Tee is an AHPRA registered specialist orthodontist with certifications by the Dental Board of Australia and Australasian Orthodontic Board. He is an active member of the Australian Society of Orthodontics. Unlike your family dentist/general dentist, Dr Tee did three years of full-time university training to become an orthodontist after working as a general dentist. As a specialist orthodontist, he uses his knowledge and experience to provide you with a high standard of specialised orthodontic care.

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