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Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, Spark, SmileStyler and Angel Align, are an alternative option for orthodontic treatment, which can similarly deliver a fantastic result with a beautiful smile, perfectly aligned teeth, and a good quality functional bite compared to fixed braces. It has gained popularity due to the invisibility of the braces. Clear aligners consist of a series of individually and digitally designed, custom-made, mouth guard-like clear plastic aligners. Patients are required to wear these aligners at all times except when eating, brushing and flossing. Aligners are removable, which are beneficial in terms of cleaning, accessibility, and maintaining good oral hygiene.  They are to be replaced every week in order to gradually move the teeth in the direction planned by the orthodontist. 

After an initial 3D intraoral scan is taken, the orthodontist will create a 3D plan for your tooth movement, working towards the finish line with complete understanding of the mechanics of plastic aligners, together with facial structures and biological limit of the jawbones. This will negate any adverse side effects that can occur if you have Online, Mail to Home/Do It Yourself aligners that do not come with an orthodontist’s supervision or orthodontic treatments from non-specialised practitioners.

Orthodontic Clear Aligners Sydney Treatment

“Choose Our Clear Aligners Treatment in Sydney as an Invisible and Affordable Orthodontic Alternative”

The Benefits of Clear Aligners (Invisalign & Spark)

  • Invisibility and transparency: Clear aligners are made from resilient medical-grade plastic. The attachments on your teeth are white and match your tooth colour. These make clear aligners almost invisible, helping you keep your orthodontic aligners treatment low-profile. Invisible aligners are a perfect orthodontic alternative for adults and children who prefer a discreet orthodontic treatment.
  • Removable: Invisalign and Spark clear aligners can be removed for special occasions, when you are in a meeting or making a presentation. These aligners can be removed to eat, drink, brush and floss your teeth.
  • Good oral hygiene: Clear aligner patients can easily maintain proper oral hygiene as they can remove the aligners for their normal cleaning routine. This benefits the health of teeth and gums, preventing cavities and gum disease.
  • Comfortability and convenience: Invisalign and Spark clear aligners are customised and designed specifically for your mouth and teeth from the 3D scans. The advanced robot technology aids in the manufacturing of these invisible aligners, providing a perfect fit, precisely cut and smooth edges, and flexible plastic trays that are easy to slip over your teeth or to remove. Due to these designs, clear aligners will not result in cuts, irritation and discomfort often experienced with braces, brackets and wires.
  • Fewer orthodontic visits: Clear aligners treatment requires fewer orthodontic visits. Your aligners usually stay on your teeth for approximately 22 hours a day. They are to be removed only to eat, drink and clean. Invisalign and Spark aligners move your teeth gradually by using a series of aligner sets, each is worn for around 1-2 weeks before moving to the next set in the series. Aligner patients will be required to visit the orthodontist to assess the progress every 10-12 weeks (instead of 6-8 weeks for fixed braces), thus fewer orthodontic visits.

Who is a suitable candidate for Invisalign and Spark Clear Aligners?

Not every orthodontic problem can be solved with clear aligners therapy. An initial evaluation by our specialist orthodontist will determine if you are the right candidate for clear aligners, which is dependent on the type and severity of the individual orthodontic issue. Suitable candidates can range from teenagers to adults. Most importantly, the success of this removable and invisible orthodontic treatment option depends on the patient’s compliance to wear clear aligners at the designated times.

How long does the clear aligners therapy take?

The treatment time for clear aligners is usually between 12-24 months, depending on the type and complexity of your orthodontic problems. To achieve the optimal result within the desired period, it is crucial that the patient complies with the aligner treatment protocol of wearing them about 22 hours per day and changing them in regular intervals of 1-2 weeks as instructed by the orthodontist.

How much does Invisalign cost?

This orthodontic treatment option will usually cost more than traditional fixed metal and ceramic braces. Generally, the average cost for metal braces ranges from $6,000 to $8,000, while Invisalign clear aligners can cost between $7,000 to $9,000. The aligners treatment cost varies according to case complexity, treatment duration and the number of aligner sets. The extra advantages of invisibility and comfort eventually make up for the price difference.

What to expect from clear aligners orthodontic treatments?

  • Consultation and oral examination: This is the first step in the process where our specialist orthodontist will determine if you are the right candidate for the clear aligners orthodontic treatment.
  • Personalising your invisible aligners: We use orthodontic records such as images and a 3D intraoral scan of your dentition to design a customised orthodontic treatment across a series of clear aligner sets, each introducing an incremental correction to your teeth over time.
  • Aligners 3D plan treatment design: Your specialist orthodontist will plan and manage the duration and direction of your clear aligners orthodontic treatment, digitally producing your course of increasingly corrective clear aligner trays with a thorough understanding of the biomechanics of orthodontic movements and the individual’s biological limit. A clear aligners orthodontic treatment simulation can show the patient a preview of the end result even before the start of the aligners treatment, helping the patient visualise the orthodontic treatment outcome.

What sets us apart regarding your Invisalign treatment in Sydney?

Beyond helping you to achieve a spectacular smile and healthier dentition and occlusion; we pride ourselves on providing exceptional patient/customer service and support, including:

  • Affordable pricing and flexible payment plans: We are here to help you with every process of your orthodontic treatment for a simple, affordable, satisfying smile makeover. As such, we provide transparent quotes before any treatment commences, so you understand the investment involved. We also offer low initial deposit, flexible, interest-free payment solutions to suit your budget.
  • Individualised attention: Although we are a boutique practice with a small, dedicated team, we provide you with high quality, individualised orthodontic care. Our principal orthodontist personally checks your progress and make adjustments at every appointment. This central point of evaluation and care ensures consistent progress and speedy-successful orthodontic outcomes.
  • Friendly and supportive team: Embarking on an orthodontic treatment journey requires long-term commitment and a substantial time investment. This can sometimes be stressful. However, we want you or your child to feel comfortable and relaxed, so our team of warm and welcoming professionals will make you feel right at home. “We think of you as part of our family, so you can trust us with your smile, comfort, and budget.”
  • Specialist orthodontist: Dr Tee is an AHPRA registered specialist orthodontist with certifications by the Dental Board of Australia and Australasian Orthodontic Board. He is an active member of the Australian Society of Orthodontics. Unlike your family dentist/general dentist, Dr Tee entered additional three years of full-time university training to become an orthodontist after working as a general dentist. As a specialist orthodontist, he uses his knowledge and experience to provide you with a high standard of specialised orthodontic care.

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